Welcome to the UC Berkeley CLEAR Project website! 

CLEAR (Communication, Literacy & Education for Agricultural Research), funded by the UC Global Food Initiative, is a group of young research scientists at the University of California, Berkeley who are attempting to find effective ways to communicate fact-based information about the science related to food and agriculture. The urgency of this effort for students relates to producing food for the growing world population, while addressing the impacts of climate change and decreasing environmental footprints.

Our Missions:

  • Provide science-based, curated information on food and agriculture to consumers, policy makers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), journalists and other public stakeholders through our outreach activities and accessible media platforms.
  • Provide faculty, staff, and students at UC Berkeley opportunities to build science communication skills, and engage in public discourse on social, economic, biological, environmental and ethical aspects of food and agricultural technologies and policies.
  • Establish an awards program for UC Berkeley postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates who make an impact with their science communication projects.

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