PubScience is our monthly event series where we bring scientists to local bars to give short, casual science talks and presentations on a variety of topics. These events are always free and open to the public of all backgrounds and interests.

UPCOMING PubScience Nights:
Thursday September 27, 2018: The CRISPR Generation: How might we edit ourselves?
Dr. Michael Gomez, postdoctoral researcher at the Innovative Genomics Institute at UC Berkeley


Where: Little Hill Lounge, 10753 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530
When: Thursday September 27, 2018 from 6:30-8:00PM

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These front row attendees listen as Alex Jaffe opens his PubSci on bioluminescence to a crowded room in Oakland’s Octopus Literary Salon, one of our two PubSci locations.

August 2018:

Lagunita’s Brewing Innovation Manager, Bryan Donaldson, spoke about the biochemistry behind brewing flavor. We learned which types of compounds give beers their distinct flavors, and heard about scientists manipulating yeast to effect flavor profiles. Bryan also let us taste some deliciously hoppy beverages for ourselves!

July 2018

Alex Jaffe (Ph.D. candidate, UC Berkeley) spoke about the incredible creatures that live far below the surface of the ocean. Only a small fraction of light can penetrate the water to such depths, and organisms have adapted in all kinds of ways. Alex told us about the organisms that have evolved bioluminescence and the ways it helps them survive in deep dark places.

June 2018

Graduate students from the UC Museum of Palentology Ashley Poust and Nick Spano

May 2018

Dr. Sarah Richardson

April 2018

Berkeley SETI’s Dr. Dan Werthimer gave a crowded room an overview of past and present attempts to detect and communicate with extraterrestrial life. Dotted with humor and fun space facts, Dr. Werthimer’s talk made us feel that we probably aren’t alone in the universe, but now the question is – when and how will contact be made?

Read our guest blog about this event here.

March 2018

After years of drought and then horrendous fires in the North Bay, we asked UC Berkeley’s Dr. Bill Stewart to address some of our questions regarding forest health and dry seasons: Are the forests in danger? (Perhaps not.) Is the Park Service doing enough? (Yes.) What is the future of our landscapes? (Time will tell.)

January 2018

Dr. Paula Shadle is an expert on all things regulatory when it comes to Pharmaceuticals, and she’s got some amazing stories, too. Using these anecdotes, she helped us understand just how medical regulations came to be, why we should always double check our medication pills and bottles and that, when in doubt, ask your pharmacist!

November 2017

It was an absolutely packed house as Dr. David Presti answered all of our questions about drugs – from alcohol to cannabis, drug interactions to drug discoveries and explanations of how they do the things they do to our bodies and brains.

September 2017

With Valley Fever cases at their highest in 20 years (with many cases in Central Valley Prisons), we asked UC Berkeley’s Dr. John Taylor to discuss how things got so bad, how it is spread and what we can do to prevent it.