An event that featured a panel of four farmers from diverse farming backgrounds, including organic, conventional and mixed agricultural systems with farms ranging in size from 5 acres to 11,000 acres.



Event Description: This event, organized primarily for students and postdocs, was an opportunity to converse with farmers who grow a wide variety of crops in CA, using various agricultural methods. Growers spoke about their biggest challenges and answered questions about food production at the grass roots level.  Event was moderated by UCB Prof Sarah Hake of Gospel Flat Farms.

Event photos:

Q&A moderator, Sarah Hake and Event Organizer, Dawn Chiniquy talk with farming panel prior to event starting
Farmer panel of speakers: Philip Bowles, Don Cameron, Mai Nguyen, and Thaddeus Barsotti (from left)
Amrita Hazra, event organizer, begins meeting with introducing The CLEAR Project and how it relates to this event
Thaddeus Barsotti from FarmFreshtoyou addresses group
Over 70 UC Berkeley students, staff and postdocs were in attendance
Philip Bowles addresses group
Mai Nguyen addresses group
The CLEAR project student volunteers: Mary Madera, Daniel Westcott, and James Anderson-Furgeson (from left)