The CLEAR Project (Communication, Literacy & Education for Agricultural ­Research) engages a group of young research scientists at the University of California, Berkeley to find effective ways to communicate about science to the general public. The goal of CLEAR is to share fact-based information, grounded in scientific evidence, about food, feed, fuel and related topics to enable us to sustain our growing world population, while addressing the demands of a changing climate and decreasing our environmental footprint.


CLEAR on the Campus
CLEAR Fellows organize roundtable discussions & talks by outside speakers for the campus community.



Downtown Berkeley Farmers' Market (2nd Saturday of every month)

CLEAR in the Community
CLEAR Fellows engage the public at farmers’ markets, libraries, pubs and other educational events in the Bay Area.



Classroom featured image

CLEAR in the Classroom
CLEAR Fellows are invited into high school classrooms to engage in interactive lessons about biotechnology.



00001IMG_00001_BURST20170422135348CLEAR in the Capital
CLEAR Fellows engage in legislative matters at the local, state and federal levels through visits, phone calls, emails and tweets to legislators.