We head to the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market to interact with the community on the second Saturday of every month. Our displays are always different, kid-friendly, and great for people who live for science, people who are lost by science and people who wish they loved science.

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Coming up in Fall 2018:

Soil microbiomes, Paleobotany, Genome editing, and more!

Summer 2018

  • August – California Native Plants We partnered with the UC Botanical Gardens to show off plants native to California and explain how Indigenous Peoples used them.
  • July – Fire Ecology What happens to an ecosystem when it is wiped out by fire? Which things survive, which leave forever, and which come back first? We talked about these questions and so much more.
  • June – Citrus Disease and Variety We brought some cool graphics showing how limes, lemons, oranges, and everything in-between are related and talked about the common diseases causing problems in the citrus industry.

Spring 2018

  • May -Marine Biology/Oceanography Gearing up for summer, we brought some sea-related demos about how sharks float and why algae are important little plants.
  • April – Astrobiology Do you know what it takes to survive in space? We talked about what makes life possible and highlighted the critters (microbes) that find a way to live in some of the worst conditions imaginable.
  • March – Women in Science To celebrate Women’s History Month, we gave out books about amazing Women in Science and quizzed folks about female trailblazing scientists throughout history.

Winter 2017/18

  • February – Flowers For Valentine’s Day we talked all about flowers! Why they can all look so different, what they do, and why bugs and birds love them too!
  • January – Future of Food We surveyed people about where they thought the future of food was headed – Meatless meats? Vertical farms? Synthetic wine? Genetic Engineering? Lot’s of great opinions and discussions that day!
  • December – Food Waste The holidays are full of food! So we shared some ways to cut down on food waste and recycle food pieces you may usually throw away.

Fall 2017

  • November (At Temescal FM) – Food Security We brought some facts and demos about food security and data about how many people are struggling to find their next nutritious meal. Find a list of local food banks here for donations.
  • October (At Berkeley/Telegraph FM) Fungi/Spooky Science For BASF and Halloween we brought some fun slime recipes and spooky kid-friendly demos.
  • September – Plant Diseases Plants get sick, too, and it’s a real problem for home gardeners and farmer’s alike, so we centered a whole table around understanding it better.

Summer 2017

  • August – Plant-derived Medicine Most people don’t realize how many medicines come from plants, so we brought some examples and learned some more from the people that stopped by.
  • July- The Millet Project Our friends at the Millet Project joined us to talk about ancient grains and great ways to increase variety in your diet.
  • June – DNA We spent the day talking about the cool little stringy things that determine why we are exactly the way we are. We made DNA bracelets and showed how easy it is to extract DNA in your own kitchen. (Activity links here and here)

Spring 2017

  • April – Fermented foods From breads to beer to pickles, we didn’t let the rain stop us from talking about fermented foods and the friendly microbes that make it all possible!
  • March – Seeds Our first ever market was a success on March 18! We met lots of great people and talked all about seeds.