The CLEAR Project is composed of a group of young scientists at the University of California, Berkeley who want to find better ways to communicate science at the forefront of discovery. Our goal is communicating fact-based information grounded in scientific evidence to feed the growing world population, address the new demands of the changing climate, and decrease our environmental footprint. Communication, Literacy & Education for Agricultural Research (CLEAR).

Keep an eye out for our table at local farmer’s markets, library events, bars, zoos and

CLEAR’s table with DIY DNA extractions at the North Bay Discovery Day event. Oct 28, 2017.

more! We set up at events and locations like those to interact with our community members, listen to and respond to your questions and concerns about science, provide cool experiments and demos for adults and kids, and overall just chat! See our Activities pages for details.

Though funded by the the Global Food Initiative, all of the Fellows are volunteers, who attend CLEAR meetings and events in the little spare time we have while we independently work towards our own degrees and careers. Despite the whirlwind that is Grad school and lab life, we devote our time and energy to addressing public concerns and topics regarding agriculture, food and science. We strive and work towards

Over a hundred kids and adults stopped by our March for Science booth to tell us why they loved science!

creating useful content and events that intrigue, educate, and promote conversations throughout the greater public community.

Check out who we are on our People page! Get to know us better through our Scientist Spotlight.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you! We want to meet you, the people interested in or even afraid of science. Come chat with us at any one of our events, follow us on social media (below) or contact us via email.

 UC Berkeley CLEAR – Engaging in open, transparent and active conversations with the public about science and research.


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