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List of Community Resources

Food Shift
An innovative and collaborative non-profit launching the Alameda Kitchen social enterprise to process surplus food and provide job training while increasing access to nutrition for all.  Learn more and volunteer!

Imperfect Produce
A CSA delivery service for “cosmetically-challenged” but fresh and delicious produce, which would otherwise end up in landfills.

Alameda Backyard Growers
A non-profit organization connecting gardeners and harvesters who donate extra produce to the Alameda Food Bank. Volunteers welcome for harvests, and for outreach and education on urban food gardens!

Food Runners
Pick up food from SF businesses, takes it to places for redistribution to the hungry.

UC Berkeley Green Initiative Fund (TGIF)
Provides funding through grants for projects to support UC Berkeley’s sustainability efforts. Students can apply for these grants or serve on the committee that awards grants.

National Resources Defense Council (NDRC)
NDRC created a report on food waste and expiration date labels that more clearly defined the extent of our food waste issue and helped propel the anti-food waste movement forward.

Californians Against Waste
A non-profit legislative advocacy group in Sacramento for implementing waste reduction policies and programs.

Just Eat It, a movie about food waste. Streaming on Amazon.

UC Berkeley Campus Recycling and Refuse Services and
General information and specific programs for recycling, waste prevention, and purchasing recycled-content products. ReUSE organizes shelving units on campus for the donation and pick-up of reusable materials.

Stop Waste, Alameda County
Tips and local resources for waste reduction, including a guide to backyard composting.

Growing Together Project (Oakland)
An organization that addresses food distribution issues by planting fruit trees in urban areas, harvesting and distributing produce from donated trees, and through education and outreach. Volunteer, or register your tree for donation!

A municipal waste company that goes beyond recycling to divert landfill waste through curbside composting and resource reclamation. They currently serve 127 communities, including the City of Berkeley.

In the News

“College campuses take on food waste”, University of California, May 2, 2016

This article gives great tips for being a waste-free cook in your own home.

Learn about a Danish food surplus supermarket that sells food past its official expiration date or is in damaged packaging that would have made typical grocery stores throw it out.

Earlier this year, France passed legislation banning supermarkets from throwing away unsold food, mandating instead that it is donated to charities and food banks.