The Bay Area Science Festival is held yearly and involves many events, one of which is Discovery Day at Oracle Park. Groups are invited to develop displays that invite the hundreds of attendees to explore various topics in science.

Bay Area Science Festival April 24, 2022!

The CLEAR event on April 24 2022 was a display featuring the diversity of plant life, especially related to foods we eat. There was a ‘family tree’ of the plant kingdom, and a spinning wheel with eight different plants that we eat, which children can spin. When the spinner stopped on a plant, CLEARs helped them figure out where that food belongs on the tree and what food it is related to. There  were also sticker prizes, coloring sheets, seed collections and live plants.


Hosted events at the Bay Area Science Festival October 21-23, 2020!

We went virtual this year and hosted four events. You can check out the videos for each below: