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About 20,000 different types of bees (species) exist in the world – 1,600 in California. There are bumblebees, leafcutting bees, carpenter bees, sweat bees, digger bees, cuckoo bees and many more. Some live together in a nest or hive, but most are solitary, living by themselves! Many make their own home nests to lay eggs in from a hole they dig in the soil or a hole in wood. Sometimes, solitary bees take naps in flowers, but they don’t make honey. The only bees that make honey are honey bees, using nectar from flowering plants. It’s saved in honeycombs in the hive to eat when food is scarce. Bumblebees collect small amounts of nectar in little pots, but it’s not like the honey that honey bees make.

So bees come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Learn more by downloading our free coloring pages – fun for kids and grown-ups too! The links are provided below underneath the images. 

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Yellow-faced bumblebee

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California cuckoo bee

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Wool carder bee

 Bees on each of the illustrations were drawn by CLEAR member Nina Sokolov, a graduate student in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. The second page of each illustration includes details about each bee along with a fun fact or two.

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