January 2018 Spotlight: Tim Jeffers

January 2018 Spotlight: Tim Jeffers CLEAR member? 2016-present What do you do? I study how nutrients regulate photosynthesis in algae. Favorite science factoid? When we eat vitamin A-rich plants, we are taking the chemicals that plants use to harvest light and converting them to molecules the cells in our eyes use to respond to light, allowing us … Continue reading January 2018 Spotlight: Tim Jeffers

Scientist Spotlight: Alyssa Anderson

December 2017 Spotlight: Alyssa Anderson CLEAR Member? I’ve been a member since it started (2015)! What do you do? I study how plants grow and develop. Where did you grow up? Jamestown, NY What was your favorite class ever and why? Intro to Metaphysics with Karen Bennet. It was the first class to put a structure and process to … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Alyssa Anderson

Scientist Spotlight: Michael Gomez

 November 2017 Spotlight: Michael Alberto Gomez CLEAR Member? Since September 2017 What do you do? I use the CRISPR technology to genetically engineer disease resistance in major crops, such as cassava, tomato, and cacao. What was your favorite class ever and why? Music history class: The Beatles…because The Beatles! Who was your favorite teacher ever and why? Asim … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Michael Gomez

Scientist Spotlight: Mary Madera

October 2017 Spotlight: Mary Madera CLEAR member? Since we started – March 2015 What do you do? I study drought tolerance and growth patterns in a gluten-free grain called sorghum which is a staple crop for many people worldwide. Where did you grow up?  The base of Mt. Diablo in Clayton, CA. Before your current position, where … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Mary Madera

Scientist Spotlight: Cat Adams

October 2017 Spotlight: Cat Adams CLEAR Member? Since Day 1! (March 2015) What do you do? I study the poisonous death cap mushroom, and how it has become such a successful invasive species. What was your favorite class ever and why? Experimental Evolutionary Ecology! I learned so much about experimental design for both lab and field research, … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Cat Adams

Scientist Spotlight: Tuesday Simmons

September 2017 Spotlight: Tuesday Simmons CLEAR Member? August 2016 – present What do you do? I study the bacteria that live inside the roots of plants and how they help plants grow during droughts. Where did you grow up? I grew up in an itty-bitty, unincorporated “town” called Sugar Grove, West Virginia; we had to drive an hour into … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Tuesday Simmons