The CLEAR Project

Scientist Spotlight: Cat Adams

September 2017 Spotlight: Cat Adams CLEAR Member? Since Day 1! (March 2015) What do you do? I study the poisonous death cap mushroom, and how it has become such a successful invasive species. What was your favorite class ever and why? Experimental Evolutionary Ecology!… Read More

Scientist Spotlight: Tuesday Simmons

September 2017 Spotlight: Tuesday Simmons CLEAR Member? August 2016 – present What do you do? I study the bacteria that live inside the roots of plants and how they help plants grow during droughts. Where did you grow up? I grew up in an itty-bitty, unincorporated… Read More

Scientist Spotlight: Virginia Markham

September 2017 Spotlight: Virginia Markham CLEAR Member? 2016-present What do you do? I work at a US Department of Energy research facility, analyzing the DNA of biofuel crop plants. What got you involved in science? Learning about climate change in my high school environmental science class…. Read More

Scientist Spotlight: Johan Jaenisch

August 2017 Spotlight: Johan Jaenisch CLEAR Member? 2015-2016 What do you do? I look at how a plant leaf reacts to a fungal infection, and how the fungus tricks the affected cells to help produce energy-rich fats to fuel fungal reproduction. Which college did… Read More

How I Survived Eating the Impossible Burger

How I survived Eating the Impossible Burger Daniel Westcott When I sunk my teeth into the Impossible Burger, I didn’t realize that I was risking my life. I’ve got a family that depends on me, work that I feel is important and… Read More

Scientists in Your Neighborhood

Originally posted on the American Society of Plant Biologists’ blog on June 15, 2017 On a Saturday at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market, under a sign that says “Talk to a Scientist!”, you might get a chance to meet one of us, graduate… Read More

Where’s the low-gluten wheat? Why today’s GMOs are invisible

     I have always felt that to tackle a problem, we must first understand its origins. And there is no denying that public perception of GMOs is a problem. Oftentimes when I bring up the topic of GE (genetic engineering) technology,… Read More

March of the Nerds: PhDs take D.C.

Becky Mackelprang, PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley June 13, 2017 The evening of the 2016 Presidential Election began with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. I was ready to celebrate the election of a woman to the presidency – to see… Read More

Scientists are People, Too

Effective science communication is an art and a skill that many scientists are not taught to master. However, being able to speak to the public about science is essential for the future success of the sciences.

What does “natural” really mean?

Andrew Brandon, Graduate Student, UC Berkeley February 24, 2017 In August, three non-profits (Moms Across America, Beyond Pesticides and the Organic Consumers Association) filed a joint lawsuit against food giant General Mills for misleading consumers with the use of the phrase “Made… Read More