Scientist Spotlight: Virginia Markham

September 2017 Spotlight: Virginia Markham CLEAR Member? 2016-present What do you do? I work at a US Department of Energy research facility, analyzing the DNA of biofuel crop plants. What got you involved in science? Learning about climate change in my high school environmental science class. Which colleges did you attend? I went to UC Berkeley for both undergraduate and … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Virginia Markham

Scientist Spotlight: Johan Jaenisch

August 2017 Spotlight: Johan Jaenisch CLEAR Member? 2015-2016 What do you do? I look at how a plant leaf reacts to a fungal infection, and how the fungus tricks the affected cells to help produce energy-rich fats to fuel fungal reproduction. Which college did you attend? McGill University What was your favorite class ever and why? My favorite class … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Johan Jaenisch

Scientist Spotlight: Sophia Ewens

 August 2017 Spotlight: Sophia Ewens CLEAR Member? I’m a current and relatively new member of CLEAR. What do you do? I am a graduate student researching new ways to make renewable fuels and plastics from bacteria. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin: River Falls. What was your favorite class … Continue reading Scientist Spotlight: Sophia Ewens

Has the Ultimate, Complete Meal Replacement Arrived?

  According to the creators of Soylent™, yes. Soylent is a vegan, lactose-and-nut-free drink or dehydrated powder specifically designed to provide up to a quarter of a person’s daily recommended vitamins, minerals and calories in a single serving. On paper, Soylent is a complete, seemingly well-rounded meal replacement, but is this flavorless, oil-rich drink really … Continue reading Has the Ultimate, Complete Meal Replacement Arrived?